October has already passed, and the olives have reached their full ripening stage, thanks to the beautiful dry and sunny days.


After harvesting with the help of ultramodern machinery that does not damage olives or even the plant, the olives within six hours are immediately brought to our mill to be crushed. To achieve the maximum in terms of quality, every year we have always kept up with the technological innovations introduced in the oil world.
Our choices: disc crushers, thermal conditioning modules, kneaders with constant temperature control, controlled atmosphere grinders and oil storage under nitrogen/argon.

That's why the quality of our oils is superior and our assortment is always richer, managing to create a wide range of choices, able to satisfy every palate.
From our Traditional oil, balanced and perfumed, to Pitted, much more delicate and light; from our Organic line, with a soft and round taste, to Primolio PGI, with its unmistakable flavor and rich in aromas.

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For every purchase over € 50.00 an exclusive gift of your choice, specifying when ordering between a jar of green or black pâté or nostraline olives in brine.