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In this video we would like to introduce you to our working method and our processing methods.

Oil Mill Welcome

Croci oil mill was born in 2004, with the idea of ​​creating a family-run mill that favors quality over quantity and yield of olives. If it is true that to obtain an excellent oil, first of all we need healthy, quality olives, harvested at the right time and crushed in the shortest possible time, it is also true to understand that the oil mill has a 50% impact on quality oil.

Continuous cycle
If until a few years ago we were looking for oil quality going to crush in modern crushers in a continuous cycle instead of stone ones, today it is not enough anymore ...
...but not only
we need to make a further choice, looking for modern continuous cycle crushers, but that adopt the latest generation of machinery
our choice ...
disk crushers, thermal conditioning modules, kneaders with constant temperature control, controlled atmosphere grinders, etc.
... to get the most out of it
Precisely for this reason, every year we have always kept up with the technological innovations introduced in the oil world in order to obtain the maximum quality for our oil and for our customers' one.

Ours Blog

  • Finalists competition Ercole Olivario

    Finalists competition Ercole Olivario They have just informed us that our Oil has been selected among the finalists of the Ercole Olivario competition. The Ercole Olivario Competition is among the most important national events.On March 29th and 30th we will be in Umbria for the award ceremony. Read More
  • From our website, our EVO Oil

    From our website, our EVO Oil The 2018/2019 olive growing campaign has just ended! It was a season where quantity and quality went hand in hand but, thanks to the introduction of the new pasta conditioning method, we were able to obtain oils that have that little bit extra. We realized it right away, but above all, from here on, the difference in both perfumes and flavors is felt! You can find all this in our IGP Primolio oils, Organic and a part of the Traditional, candied in 4 national and international competitions If you are interested Read More
  • Oil 2018, Buy online!

     October has already passed, and the olives have reached their full ripening stage, thanks to the beautiful dry and sunny days. Read More
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